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JLG Lift Rentals

JLG Lift Rentals

Working at height is one of the most challenging tasks you’ll encounter on any job site. It’s also one of the most dangerous. Regardless of whether you’re employed in new construction, renovation work, industrial outfitting, commercial warehousing or even specialize as an arborist involved with tree trimming, you’ll need the safest and most reliable aerial lift equipment available. You also require economical scissor, boom or telehandler equipment.

At Access Lift Equipment, we believe JLG lift rentals are your best value. JLG is an American company with worldwide reach in supplying top-quality lift equipment. For every application, JLG has a lift solution available. Since 1970, JLG has demonstrated a deep commitment to designing and manufacturing a wide variety of industrial lifts. They’re known for defect-free performance, innovative technology and durability that lasts.

With renting JLG lift equipment, you get the proven productivity and quality of first-rate lift equipment without having to lay out large capital expenses. If you’re in the market for temporary aerial work platforms and high material lifts, Access Lift Equipment is the right place to turn. Our expert staff and knowledgeable technicians supply you with exactly the right rental you need for your specific task. We also flawlessly inspect your JLG rental lifts and certify them as safe.

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We Offer an Extensive Selection of JLG Lift Rentals

Whether you’re at our full-service Access Lift Equipment facilities in either Chambersburg or Harrisburg PA,  or at home shopping online, you’re certain to find the specific models and makes of aerial lifts and work platforms suited to your work environment and applications. At Access Lift Equipment, we offer you an extensive selection of JLG lift rentals, as well as other leading lift products like Genie and Skyjack.

However, Access Lift Equipment specializes in renting excellent JLG lift equipment. We know we can confidently and completely stand behind JLG products, whether that’s boom lifts, scissor lifts or telehandler lifts. JLG is a leading manufacturer of all three lift types. Sizes range from small, compact lifts to massive machines capable of extending up to 150 feet. No matter what rating, all JLG aerial lifts are a productive alternative to ladders and scaffolding.

Access Lift Equipment maintains acres of storage space where we stock our extensive selection of JLG lift rentals. Whether you need equipment rental in Harrisburg, PA, or equipment rental in Carlisle, PA, we have room to stock every JLG lift type we believe you could need. Our JLF rental fleet is all low-hour and late-model. Keeping tight control over aging and recency ensures you have modern, safe and reliable equipment.

We also ensure all JLG aerial lifts, work platforms and telehandlers are entirely safe. No machine ever leaves our yards without complete inspections by technicians who know these machines intimately. Additionally, we guarantee our service staff qualifies your lift to your job requirements. This way, we know you’re getting the right lift for your job, and you can safely rely on it.

Our Access Lift Equipment lineup of JLG lift rentals has three distinct areas. One line is boom lifts, which are the most versatile of all available industrial lift equipment. Then, we offer an excellent selection of scissor lifts that work best on level surfaces. Finally, we supply telehandler lift rentals. These lifting machines are designed to raise heavy materials, rather than workers, like boom and scissor lifts do. Here’s a better look at all three types of JLG aerial lift equipment we rent out.

JLG Boom Lift Rentals

JLG Boom Lift Rentals

Many people know boom lifts by their nicknames: “cherrypickers” and “man-lifts.” JLG boom lifts are the versatile workhorse in the aerial and working-at-height worlds. Access Lift Equipment knows when you’re doing serious overhead work, you need a wide assortment of machinery for different applications. Our JLG boom lift rentals give you that.

Boom lifts are considerably different from scissor lifts, and they’re not at all similar to telehandlers. Where scissor lifts have designs allowing vertical raising from a relatively level surface, you can use boom lifts in all sorts of applications. That includes working on sloped terrain and rough ground. Boom lifts also work well in the same situations as scissor lifts.

The main difference you’ll find on a boom lift is its ability to raise the work platform or basket up and then out. Moving workers in angled, horizontal reach is where boom lifts excel. This feature is something you can’t get with a scissor lift, and something telehandlers just aren’t designed to do.

Our JLG boom lift rentals range in lift height and horizontal reach. Boom lengths or “arm” distances run from as short as 30 feet all the way up to 180 feet. JLG aerial boom lift horizontal reaches extend from short to long. Boom lifts also have extensive swivel ranges, with some capable of 360-degree rotation.

JLG rental boom lifts have different mobility and operator control options. Every boom lift is operator-controlled from the work basket, but some lifts are self-propelled, while others remain stationary. That gives the opportunity to set a small boom lift in one spot and keep its footprint small. Design differences also allow larger boom lifts to move about the work and change locations as required.

Not all boom lifts are the same by any means. Access Lift Equipment knows this and stocks all types of common JLG boom rentals. Our selection takes in electric articulating boom lifts, rough-terrain articulating boom lifts, rough-terrain straight stick boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts. Here’s a more in-depth look at our JLG boom lift rental inventory.

Electric Articulating Boom Lifts for Rent

Working above ground requires a stable base, regardless of ground conditions. Electric articulating boom lifts offer you the precision, agility and speed to get you in any elevated work position. That’s because the boom bends or articulates in many positions. They unfold in layers to reach optimum operating height.

Articulating booms allow for more basket position maneuverability without needing to move the machine base. You don’t need to stop and drive the boom base to gain better working positions. Articulating booms with electric power are generally more compact and easier to transport than heavier gasoline, diesel or propane-powered boom lifts.

There is a small downside to electric articulating booms, though. Because of their folding design, these articulating boom lifts have to sacrifice height for articulation. Articulating lifts won’t reach the same vertical heights or horizontal reaches telescoping boom lifts will.

Access Lift Equipment has three JLG rental electric articulating boom models for you to choose from. They vary in size, reach and lift capacity to cover a wide application fit. Here’s our versatile articulating boom line from JLG.

  • JLG E300AJP: This electric articulating boom reaches a working height of 36 feet. It holds 500 pounds of capacity and weighs 15,800 pounds.
  • JLG E400AJP: If you need a 46-foot-high reach, this model is your best choice. It weighs 13,100 pounds and also holds 500 pounds of workers with their materials.
  • JGL E450AJOur highest electric articulating boom stretches to 51 feet. At 14,400 pounds, it has a 500-pound worker load rating.

Rough-Terrain Articulating Boom Lifts for Rent

Many worksites don’t have the luxury of smooth ground or level concrete floors. These places have rough terrain like ditches, rock outcroppings and slopes. For these jobs, you need an articulating boom lift specially designed and manufactured for unstable or uneven surfaces. With JLG rental rough-terrain articulating boom lifts, you get versatility and stability.

Articulating booms have amazing flexibility. They also have excellent balance, anchoring and mobility. Most JLG articulating boom rentals designed for rough terrain have rugged pneumatic rubber tires with tread made to suit uneven surfaces. Here are the three most popular rough-terrain JLG articulating boom lifts Access Lift Equipment stocks.

  • JLG 450AJ: This model is our shortest rough-terrain articulating lift. It has a 51-foot reach, weighs 13,250 pounds and carries 500 pounds of cargo in its basket.
  • JLG 800AOur next rough-terrain model extends to 86 feet. It weighs 34,300 pounds and carries 500 pounds in total basket load.
  • JLG 1250AJOur big articulating lift made for rough ground stretches out to 131 feet. It’s a massive 45,200 pounds in gross weight and holds up to 600 pounds in workers, tools and their materials.

Rough-Terrain Straight Stick Boom Lifts for Rent

There’s no surpassing articulating boom lifts when you’re in tight and confined spaces. They can unfold and maneuver inside small circles and against restrictive conditions, even on rough terrain. However, there’s a limit to their range.

If you face rough and uneven ground, but have a clear working space all around, consider a JLG rough-terrain straight stick boom lift rental. You have the convenience of a long reach with stable support. Here is the one rough-terrain straight stick JLG boom lift Access Lift Equipment recommends.

  • JLG 600AJThis is a medium-range machine with a 66-foot reach. It’s ideal for the vast majority of jobs that require minimum height with maximal stability. The JGL 600AJ straight stick boom weighs 23,050 pounds and holds up to 500 pounds in the work basket.

Telescopic Boom Lifts for Rent

Articulating boom lifts have their place, no matter if they’re electric models made for even surfaces or fossil-fueled machines designed for rugged ground. However, articulating boom lifts have some mechanical limitations. Unfortunately, these smaller, but nimble, lifts can’t reach much past 70 feet, except for the JLG 1250AJ.

Here is where telescoping boom lifts come in. Although their booms aren’t as agile as articulating models, they have a long extension range. JLG boom rentals extend to 126 feet, which covers the vast majority of job site lifts you’ll encounter. There’s also a starter version designed for a compact 40-foot reach. Take a look at the top four JLG telescoping boom lifts for rent at Access Lift Equipment.

  • JLG 400S: This is a small lift with a 40-foot telescoping boom length. It’s also lightweight at 12,650 feet, but still holds up to 500 feet in basket capacity.
  • JLG 600S: This is a bigger telescoping boom for rent with a 66-foot reach. It’s heavier at 22,750 feet, and holds a 500-foot load.
  • JLG 800S: You can reach up 86 feet and out 71 feet and remain stable with this lift model. That’s because it weighs 33,200 pounds and carries 500 pounds.
  • JLG 800S: This long-length lift has a 126-foot capacity with a 75-foot horizontal reach. Its base anchors at 40,900 pounds, and its working platform supports 600 pounds.

JLG Scissor Lift Rentals

JLG Scissor Lift Rentals

Access Lift Equipment is proud to offer you a full line of JLG scissor lifts for rent. Scissor lifts have a different intention than boom lifts. They’re designed for straight vertical elevation rather than horizontal reach. That makes scissor lifts ideal for tight places inside buildings or outdoor applications on relatively smooth surfaces where going straight up is your only intention.

If you’re wondering where the term “scissor” came from, all you have to do is watch a scissor lift operating. You’ll see the work platform extending from the base by a network of braces forming an “X” pattern. It’s much like a network of scissors intertwined in an accordion fashion.

Electric Scissor Lifts for Rent

Access Lift Equipment has a wide assortment of scissor lifts. Most are electric-propelled, mobile lifts, making them safe inside close quarters. All models allow complete control from the operator mounted in a guarded work platform. That ensures the scissor lift personnel can’t become compromised by accidental instructions on the ground. These are Access Lift Equipment’s most desirable electric scissor lift rentals.

  • JLG 1930ES: This short-service scissor lift raises you to 25 feet. It weighs 2,750 pounds, yet carries a 500-pound load.
  • JLG 2630ES: The 2630 has a 31.5-foot lift height for a mid-range reach. It weighs 7,750 pounds, but holds a surprising 800-pound load of tools, material and workers.
  • JLG 3246ES: For a maximum height in a scissor lift, this one reaches nearly 38 feet. It’s heavy for a scissor lift at 4,780 pounds, but makes up with a 1,000-pound cargo capacity.

Rough-Terrain Scissor Lifts for Rent

Most scissor lifts spend their days on smooth concrete floors or paved parking lots. But when they do have to go off-road, Access Lift Equipment has the right rough-terrain scissor lifts from JLG to meet your rental requirements. Here’s what we have in rough-terrain scissor lifts for rent.

  • JLG 260MRT: This outdoor lift takes you to 32 feet and holds you there with limited sway. It weighs 7,360 pounds and carries 1,250 pounds of load.
  • JLG 3394RTAt 39 feet high, the 3394 rough-terrain scissor lift is high in vertical reach and stable. It weighs 11,900 pounds and lifts up to 2,250 pounds.
  • JLG 4394RT: If you need height in a scissor lift on rough terrain, this one goes to 49 feet. It handles 1,500 pounds on the work platform, and the machine weighs in at 15,300 pounds.

JLG Telehandler Rentals

JLG Telehandler Rentals

Telehandlers are lifting machines, but they don’t lift people. Telehandlers move a lot of materials very efficiently. They’re designed to pick up unlimited stuff, from lumber lifts to HVAC pallets, then raise materials to extended heights and place them in order.

Operators work in the telehandler’s base, not in extended reaches like boom and scissor lift operators. Telehandlers are also trickier to operate than booms and scissors. That’s because telehandler operators need to maneuver and position their lifting machines, similar to forklifts. The difference between forklifts and telehandlers is that telehandlers have far more reach and lifting capacity than forklifts. Here is Access Lift Equipment’s selection of JLG telehandler rentals.

  • JLG G6-42A: This telehandler from JLG has a 6,600-pound capacity with a 42-foot reach.
  • JLG G9-43A: Lifting a maximum 9,000 pounds, the G9-43A has a 43-foot lift.
  • JLG G10-55A: If you want to raise 10,000 pounds to 55 feet, this model is your best choice.
  • JLG G12-55A: The biggest JLG rental model we carry has a 12,000-pound capacity and a 55-foot height.

We Inspect Lift Rentals to Ensure Peak Operation

At Access Lift Equipment, we inspect every piece of lift equipment before it leaves our yard, and after it comes back. Our expert technicians know these machines, take pride in maintaining them and ensure you and your operators have protection. Safety is our commitment to you.

Renting vs. Purchasing a JLG Lift

Many folks investigating aerial lift equipment are confused over value between renting and purchasing. Both acquisition processes have pros and cons. Our experience at Access Lift Equipment is that renting JLG boom, scissor and telehandler lifts usually is your best value.

Choose Access Lift Equipment for Your JLG Lift Rentals

Choose Access Lift Equipment

The best way to determine lift equipment value is by contacting Access Lift Equipment. We’ll spend time going over your JLG lift options and whether you’re better off purchasing or renting. Either way, we want you as our customer to get the best value you can. We also want you staying safe.

If you’re looking for JGL rentals in Hagerstown, MD, or equipment rentals in the Carlisle or Harrisburg, PA, areas, call Access Lift Equipment today. We’re at 866-709-0820, or you can complete a rental request form online.

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