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Rough Terrain Straight Stick

Any time you’re working above the ground, you’re presented with a challenge, You need a safe, stable work platform and the ability to maneuver into position above and around various obstacles. In the case of work in rough terrains, this gets even more complicated. Many aerial work platforms can’t be positioned as you’d like, meaning you’re not in a safe and efficient position to do your elevated work. In these situations, opt for a rough terrain solution and rent rough terrain straight stick boom lifts. They’re designed to be maneuvered and positioned around bumps, ruts, rocks and trenches so you can provide your workers a stable work platform despite uneven ground below.

At Access Lift Equipment, we are experts in aerial lift platform. We can work with you to study your temporary lift rental needs and propose the equipment that is best suited to your needs. Whether it’s a short rental to replace a broken piece of equipment or a longer rental for a specific project, we have the rough terrain straight stick boom lifts for rent you’re looking for. For customers in PA and beyond, our entire Access Lift Equipment team is dedicated to finding safe, practical elevated work solutions for your business.


Specs Value
Working Height 66'
Platform Height 60'
Up & Over 26' 7"
Overall Width 8'
Overall Length 29'
Height 8' 4"
Weight 23,050 lbs
Capacity 500 lbs