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SkyTrak Forklifts for Sale

skytrak forklifts

There’s a reason JLG’s SkyTrak® is the top-selling telehandler forklift in North America. A hardworking machine for hardworking hands, SkyTrak’s line of forklifts continue to set the industry standard for utility lifting operations — and then some.

Those in the market for specialty used SkyTraks for sale need to look no further than Access Lift Equipment. Our flagship retailers in Pennsylvania and California service local, national and international clients searching for top-of-the-line used SkyTrak telehandlers. We’re proud to offer these high-power, highly-maneuverable, operator-friendly and efficient machines.

SkyTrak: A Brand Synonymous With Stability and Productivity

SkyTrak is considered to be one of the world’s premier names in rough terrain forklift equipment. We at Access Lift Equipment regularly field questions on their availability and shipment options, particularly for used SkyTrak telehandler forklift models.

These utility lifting machines can transfer loads across forward and vertical points unreachable to a traditional forklift. While other lifting machines exist on the market, they typically accomplish only task-specific jobs rather than the versatile applications a telehandler forklift can.

It wasn’t long after its establishment in 1969 that JLG, SkyTrak’s parent company, began pioneering aerial lift work. Its continual quest for innovative acquisitions, cross-industry applications and improvements to equipment design have produced these branded telehandler forklifts, known almost universally for their cab comfort, industrial boom functionality, diverse attachments and Tier-4 engines.

SkyTrak telehandler forklifts come with the following specs consistent across models:

  • State-of-the-art mounted four-wheel-drive-chassis
  • Firestone® Duraforce® MH tires made specifically for telehandlers, lowering a significant cost-of-ownership variable
  • Single joystick-controlled telescopic boom system for improved functions and speeds, plus operator comfort
  • Intuitive unit dashboard, including electronic load charts and boom sensors that track usage based on load weight, load height and boom angle, alerting an operator when nearing dangerous load limits
  • “Stabil-Trak” automatic rear-axil stability systems for easier and safer load placements
  • Rear counterweight outfitted with a hitch, for a boost in jobsite versatility
  • Lift capacities in the 1,500-10,000 lb. range, depending on model
  • Lift heights in the 41-54 ft. range, depending on model
  • Cummins® engines that meet today’s Tier 4 Final regulations

Access Lift Equipment has years under its business belt sourcing, reconditioning and distributing used telescopic material handlers. These value-adding services are part of our unique approach that extends beyond conventional equipment brokerage or rentals. It’s a business distinction we’re proud of, and SkyTrak telehandlers sit at its core.

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Benefits of Telehandlers and Industry Uses

benefits of telehandlers

A single SkyTrak forklift telehandler can do the job of half a dozen heavy machines. Few other pieces of equipment live up to this claim, with a suite of boom attachments unlocking a SkyTrak forklift’s potential.

From transporting crew members up to elevated work platforms to lifting pallets in an outdoor warehouse, the advantages of a used telehandler forklift for your operations span across labor-intensive industries:

1. Construction

The reach of a telehandler forklift has plenty of use on a construction site, particularly for sizeable load bearing and transportation of materials like steel or plasterboard. They can move these formidable loads from point A to point B with ease. Plus, telehandlers have a much higher vertical reach than other transportation-first construction vehicles like conventional forklifts, able to bring construction materials onto roofs or multi-story work floors.

Their stable chassis base also permits easy navigability and maneuverability across a busy construction site, where other pieces of equipment may be unable to move with such flexibility. What’s more, muddy or soft terrain that would impede the mobility of more massive machines will not cause the same nuisance for compact telehandler forklifts.

2. Agriculture

The agricultural industry relies on outdoor, heavy-duty and all-weather primed machinery day in and day out. Land doesn’t clear itself, and crops don’t get managed because farmers aren’t equipped with suitable machinery. Used SkyTrak forklifts offer a versatile choice for those in the agriculture industry without needing to purchase a fleet of expensive or separate, one-task machines.

From routine and daily jobs — like transporting bales of hay with a bale-clamp attachment — to clearing out land sites and removing debris and waste through durable bucket grabs, the SkyTrak telehandler is a go-to choice in agriculture.

3. Utilities

Utility workers, such as those employed for power-line maintenance, will opt for telehandlers for tasks like tree and brush maintenance to clear away powerline-threatening overgrowth. A telehandler’s vertical reach and unit mobility allows them to check a tree’s safety from root to tip, then prune and trim them at critical heights.

Similarly, installing aerial telephone or power lines requires stability and precision. A SkyTrak lift can be outfitted with a work platform and appropriate lifting jibs to get these kinds of jobs done without sacrificing crew speed or safety.

4. Warehousing

The efficient exchange and organization of inventory sits at the core of a warehouse environment. These workflows would be made difficult — and in some cases, impossible — if not for the functionality of telehandlers. Using durable pallet-fork attachments, a SkyTrak telehandler can pick up and transport heavy inventory loads straight from the back of a delivery truck or bed, then stack them onto multi-storied shelves. Compact telehandler units are especially pertinent in this industry’s application.

5. Mines and Quarries

Telehandlers are also utilized widely in mining and quarrying. Here, this type of equipment can perform specific trench-digging and underground mine basket operations when their boom systems come appropriately outfitted. What’s more, an industrial-grade lifting jib attachment can pull and hoist materials from the ground at highly efficient rates.

Used Skytrak Forklifts for Sale in PA, CA and Beyond

With models that have earned Equipment Watch’s Highest Retained Value Award in 2016 and 2017, SkyTrak’s telehandler forklifts are worth putting on your radar. 

Low-hour used models offer no shortage of the features and upgrades that keep operators comfortable and worksites productive. Access Lift Equipment has worked with hundreds of clients to provide the used telehandler models they need. Our flagship East Coast facility in Chambersburg, PA, our West Coast location in San Diego, CA  and our Southeast location in Statesville, NC can work with you to select and ship your SkyTrak — whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Explore our inventory of used SkyTrak telehandler forklifts with proven best-in-class capabilities and reliability — and plenty more hours left in them.

1. SkyTrak 6036

The SkyTrak 6036 delivers a well-rounded telehandler forklift, one with all the right functions and features minus the fluff. As one of SkyTrak’s most popular models, it sees continual upgrades that we at Access Lift Equipment can personally outfit and maintain.

While the SkyTrak 6036 is the smallest of the SkyTrak-branded forklift lineup, it doesn’t lack for workhorse power. The 74-hp engine, four-wheel drive and powershift transmission keep the operator in smooth control while courting sizeable tow, lift and reach weights — all for dynamic jobsite versatility.

Key Specs:

  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Height: 6,000 lb./2,721.55 kg.
  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Reach: 1,800 lb./816.47 kg.
  • Max Lift Height: 36 ft. 1 in./11 m.
  • Max Reach: 22 ft. 4 in./6.81 m.

Key Features:

  • Single operator joystick controls all boom functions
  • New and improved boom speeds to get lifts done quicker
  • Redesigned cab with an innovative dashboard, armrest and optional air conditioning
  • Cummins engine is Diesel Exhaust Fluid-free (DEF) and meets Tier 4 Final regulations
  • Rear counterweight includes an integrated tow hitch

2. SkyTrak 6042

The SkyTrak 6042 contains similar sizing and dimensions to its cousin model (6036) and is the second compact unit in the SkyTrak telehandler lineup. Its differences, however, come in this model’s key boom-capabilities boost. The SkyTrak 6042 forklift boasts a significant increase in both maximum lift height and maximum lift reach, meaning you can lift higher and longer without sacrificing unit mobility or fuel efficiency.

Key Specs:

  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Height: 6,000 lb./2,721.55 kg.
  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Reach: 1,400 lb./635.03 kg.
  • Max Lift Height: 41 ft 11 in./12.78 m.
  • Max Reach: 27 ft 11 in./ 8.51 m.

Key Features:

  • Single, intuitive joystick controls all these upgraded boom metrics
  • Fuel-efficient 74-hp engine meeting Tier 4 Final regulations
  • Limited-slip front-axle design, oscillating rear axle
  • Redesigned cab with innovative dashboard, armrest and the option for air conditioning

3. SkyTrak 8042

With max lifting capacities at 8,000 lbs and a boom reach exceeding 25 feet, the SkyTrak 8042 telehandler is next in line for jobsites requiring heavy-duty lifts and transfers. The upgraded 110 hp Cummins engine sits atop an expanded mounted base chassis outfitted with premium cab comforts, quick boom deployment speeds and the ability to support 18 different attachments.

Key Specs:

  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Height: 8,000 lb./3,628.74 kg.
  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Reach: 2,200 lb./997.90 kg.
  • Max Lift Height: 41 ft 11 in./12.78 m.
  • Max Reach: 26 ft. 7 in./8.1 m.

Key Features:

  • Single joystick controlling all boom functions
  • Stabil-Trak rear axle stability system, to increase operator confidence when placing loads
  • Faster but tightly accurate boom speeds and placements
  • Interior cab outfitted with upgraded, multi-sensor dashboard, operator armrest and air conditioning

4. SkyTrak 10042

With the SkyTrak 10042, crews unlock even higher lift heights, weights and reaches through the unit’s premium outrigger stabilizers. These accessories come standard with the 10042, securing and balancing the telehandler as it lifts loads and maximizes the day’s outputs of one single machine. When employed, these outriggers lend the 10042 a lift capacity between 6,000-10,000 lbs. and a lift reach of 2,000 lbs. across its 26-foot reach radius.

Key Specs:

  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Height: 10,000 lb./4,535.92 kg.
  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Reach: 6,000 lb./2,721.55 kg.
  • Max Lift Height: 42 ft 1 in./12.83 m.
  • Max Reach: 26 ft 7 in./8.1 m.

Key Features:

  • New single operated joystick to control all boom functions
  • Top boom deployment speeds
  • Redesigned cab includes new dashboard, integrated armrest and the choice of air conditioning
  • Stabil-Trak rear axle stability system
  • Front and rear counterweights for added balance and security
  • Tier 4 Final regulations-meeting Cummins engine

5. SkyTrak 10054

For the most rigorous lifts accomplishing the most demanding tasks, look no further than SkyTrak’s 10054 telehandler forklift. This state-of-the-art premium unit picks up where most others fall short. Both regarding reach and height, outriggers deployed or a standard lift and transfer, the 10054 displays impressive specs. When its outriggers are in place, the Skytrak 10054 can reach a max lifting height of nearly 54 feet high and 38 feet wide, plus tow between 3,000-4,000 lbs, depending on reach angle.

Key Specs:

  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Height: 10,000 lb./4,535.92 kg.
  • Max Lift Capacity at Full Reach: 1,400 lb./635.03 kg.
  • Max Lift Height: 53 ft. 2 in./16.21 m.
  • Max Reach: 38 ft 9 in./11.81 m.

Key Features:

  • Single boom-control joystick, integrated armrest and optional air conditioning for reduced operator fatigue
  • Stabil-Trak, low-slip front and rear axle stability systems for secure load transfers
  • Tier-4 Final regulations-meeting Cummins 110-hp or 74-hp engine, the latter not requiring Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Outfitted to power up to 20 attachments
  • Highest lift and reach radius’ of any SkyTrak telehandler

We Inspect Every Forklift We Sell — No Exceptions

forklift inspections

Access Lift Equipment performs rigorous machine inspections on every single unit we acquire across both our East and West Coast locations. Nothing gets added to our yard or featured in our inventory that doesn’t pass these multi-staged tests, in addition to the annual reviews and maintenance we personally perform.

We routinely inspect:

  • Engines
  • Powertrains
  • Exhaust systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electric functions
  • Ignitions
  • Fork brackets and attachment health
  • Plus much, much more

Regardless of client, shipment or usage, we take these inspections to heart. Our reputation — and the safety and efficiency of your jobsites — depends on it.

1. East Coast Network: Used Forklifts for Sale in Pennsylvania

Our flagship Chambersburg, PA location serves as the strategic hub for domestic and international clients. We’ve nurtured close relationships with over-the-road heavy equipment transportation companies and are situated near global shipment ports, meaning our Pennsylvania operations can provide service without borders. Telehandlers ship quickly and professionally, without headaches on your end.

Get in touch with our Pennsylvania representatives online or at (866) 709-0820 today with any questions or for quotes. We’re here to help.

2. West Coast Network: Used Forklifts for Sale in California

Access Lift Equipment’s hub in San Diego, CA makes servicing the West Coast and many international clients even easier. Providing equally diligent vehicle inspections, refurbishments, maintenance and equipment consultations, our latest location aims to save you time and money as an even more convenient forklift and telehandler resource.

You can reach our California representatives online or at (619) 443-0644.

Tips for Buying a Telehandler

tips for buying a telehandler

The best used telehandler or rough terrain forklift investment is an informed one. Bigger isn’t necessarily better for telehandler functionality, but neither is going with the quick and immediate used forklift because it’s available nearby.

We’ve compiled key tips to keep in mind when selecting your used SkyTrak forklift, rooting that selection in your daily needs and ensuring cohesion between purchase and everyday performance.

1. Prioritize Operating Weights, Heights and Attachments

These three spec variables allow you to focus your forklift search. You won’t get lost in the details of size generalities, fall down the rabbit hole of unit specs or get caught up in predicting every single application for every single future job site.

It’s much easier — and more effective — to stick with a core sense of the operating weights and lift heights you work with, then consider any attachments aiding in these values. Our on-site representatives are always available to answer questions or review spec applications, so you make the perfect purchase.

2. Stick With Reputable Brands

Industry household names like JGL and SkyTrak haven’t gotten to be that way by accident. They’ve established themselves as reliable manufacturers with innovation and integrity at the heart of their machines. When you’re buying low-hour used units, it’s especially important to opt for brands with reputations you can trust. This means telehandlers and forklifts you can put to work right away post-purchase, day after day.

3. Consider Cost-of-Ownership and Cost-of-Operations

Finally, finding the right telehandler for your specific applications provides the most cost-effective equipment solution for your fleet. Managers must consider the short, long-term, direct and indirect expenses of their ideal models, including everything from purchase costs and financing interest rates to fuel expenses, tire life-cycles, preventative maintenance and servicing schedules and estimated repairs.

Used forklifts for sale in California, Pennsylvania and beyond that come through our yard are continually assessed on the following metrics, ensuring our clients never receive anything but the best and most economical used equipment.

Choose Access Lift Equipment to Buy a Skytrak Forklift

skytrak telehandler

At Access Lift Equipment, we don’t just sell you used SkyTrak forklifts. We are your partners in providing the market’s best low-hour equipment plus inspections, parts, servicing and more. If you need lifting and loading machines, we’ve got your back.

Explore our SkyTrak telehandler forklift inventory to get started on a purchase and see how Access Lift Equipment can serve you today.