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SkyTrak Forklifts for Sale

skytrak forklifts

There’s a reason JLG’s SkyTrak® is the top-selling telehandler forklift in North America. A hardworking machine for hardworking hands, SkyTrak’s line of forklifts continue to set the industry standard for utility lifting operations — and then some.

Those in the market for specialty used SkyTraks for sale need to look no further than Access Lift Equipment. Our flagship retailers in Pennsylvania and California service local, national and international clients searching for top-of-the-line used SkyTrak telehandlers. We’re proud to offer these high-power, highly-maneuverable, operator-friendly and efficient machines.

SkyTrak: A Brand Synonymous With Stability and Productivity

SkyTrak is considered to be one of the world’s premier names in rough terrain forklift equipment. We at Access Lift Equipment regularly field questions on their availability and shipment options, particularly for used SkyTrak telehandler forklift models.

These utility lifting machines can transfer loads across forward and vertical points unreachable to a traditional forklift. While other lifting machines exist on the market, they typically accomplish only task-specific jobs rather than the versatile applications a telehandler forklift can.

It wasn’t long after its establishment in 1969 that JLG, SkyTrak’s parent company, began pioneering aerial lift work. Its continual quest for innovative acquisitions, cross-industry applications and improvements to equipment design have produced these branded telehandler forklifts, known almost universally for their cab comfort, industrial boom functionality, diverse attachments and Tier-4 engines.

SkyTrak telehandler forklifts come with the following specs consistent across models:

  • State-of-the-art mounted four-wheel-drive-chassis
  • Firestone® Duraforce® MH tires made specifically for telehandlers, lowering a significant cost-of-ownership variable
  • Single joystick-controlled telescopic boom system for improved functions and speeds, plus operator comfort
  • Intuitive unit dashboard, including electronic load charts and boom sensors that track usage based on load weight, load height and boom angle, alerting an operator when nearing dangerous load limits
  • “Stabil-Trak” automatic rear-axil stability systems for easier and safer load placements
  • Rear counterweight outfitted with a hitch, for a boost in jobsite versatility
  • Lift capacities in the 1,500-10,000 lb. range, depending on model
  • Lift heights in the 41-54 ft. range, depending on model
  • Cummins® engines that meet today’s Tier 4 Final regulations

Access Lift Equipment has years under its business belt sourcing, reconditioning and distributing used telescopic material handlers. These value-adding services are part of our unique approach that extends beyond conventional equipment brokerage or rentals. It’s a business distinction we’re proud of, and SkyTrak telehandlers sit at its core.