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Access Lift has an extensive fleet of large boom lifts that we rent out exclusively to rental companies. These customers rent our wares to supplement their own fleets and fill the gaps when their utilization is too high or they simply don’t have the desired model in their own fleet. In such cases, we’re a premium, reliable source from which to rent, with many satisfied customers who will assure of our quality and consistency.

Get in contact with either one of our offices to get a quote to rent whatever lift best fits you or your rental company’s needs. We’ll work with you to rent you the deal we can manage and ensure you walk away satisfied.

Call today for rates and availability. Our offices are open and taking calls from 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time for our PA office and Pacific time for CA, Monday through Friday every week. During those hours, we will always have someone ready to take your call and work through whatever questions you might have.