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Many jobs require us to work at heights and to find safe, efficient, reasonably fast ways to get up and down from high-up places. Lift equipment adds safety, efficiency and speed to the mix to help keep production humming.

It’s a lot easier to acknowledge the need for lift equipment than it is to choose and somehow supply the needed machines. Boom lifts, telehandlers and scissor lifts comprise a huge part of the lift-equipment classes, and they are designed to safely elevate people and materials to the level of the task at hand.


Most businesses use a lift to increase safety because the equipment provides superior stability and protection over ladders, scaffolding or a tower, since a lift has a safety harness and gate. Labor statistics plainly show that falls make up a huge percentage of on-the-job accidents. Nearly any company realizes that the more accidents it can prevent, the better off everyone is. The safety of a boom lift, scissor lift or telehandler is probably considered the biggest benefit by most business owners, managers and employees.

Another plus of these lifts is their mobility. Not all are drivable, but most have some kind of self-propelled features that makes them easy to move along as the work progresses — either back and forth or up and down. Across many industries, necessary lift equipment not only gets the job done safely and efficiently, but also helps keeps morale high and saves money through reduced labor costs and fewer accidents.