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Knuckle Boom Lift for Sale

When you need to pick up and drop your load through tight spaces, a knuckle boom lift is there to help. It’s easier to store and transport than a traditional boom lift, and the knuckle between the two booms allows for greater flexibility than a straight boom lift. Whether you’re in the oil, construction or forestry industry, you can use these knuckle boom lifts to enhance your productivity and keep your materials safe.

Knuckle Boom Lifts

Access Lift Equipment has knuckle boom lifts for sale that will meet all of your needs. Add to your growing equipment fleet by purchasing a knuckle boom lift from JLG or Genie. It’s a good investment if need to lift heavy materials through tight spaces regularly.

You can use this lift in low clearance, tight spaces without any damage since it lifts your cargo horizontally and not just vertically. The knuckle boom lift is ideal for any industry since you can add several different attachments to the end of the boom such as buckets, pallet forks and more.

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JLG Knuckle Booms

JLG electric knuckle booms, also called electric articulating booms, have environmentally-friendly engines that will produce less noise and have zero emissions. With most models, you’ll get an elevated platform height of 30 feet or more and a 500 lb. platform capacity.

We carry different used models and sizes at Access Lift Equipment for competitive prices. Our used equipment is serviced and inspected to ensure the highest quality before it ends up in your hands. You can take it off our lot and use it the next day.

JLG knuckle boom lift

Genie Knuckle Booms

Genie knuckle booms can help you lift cargo up, over and out in the precise location you want. These booms are engineered to give you access to hard-to-reach areas and maneuver around obstacles at a site. Many of these machines offer indoor and outdoor applications, so you’re not limited to just one use after purchasing.

You also have an option to choose an electric lift that’s emission-free with little noise for more sensitive work environments. All of the used Genie knuckle booms at Access Lift Equipment costs less than purchasing a brand new model, even though they’ve been serviced and inspected like new.

Knuckle Boom Lift Rental

If buying a knuckle boom isn’t the right choice for your business, consider renting one for your toughest jobs. We have a wide range of knuckle boom lifts from Genie and JLG that will help you complete building repair jobs, construction projects and material handling and storage.

When you rent, you can pick and choose what you need for each job. It’s also a great opportunity to try out a knuckle boom lift before purchasing one if you’re not sure of the benefits or how often you would use it.

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Your cargo is too valuable to not drop it off in the right spot every time. A knuckle boom lift can help give you the accuracy and reliability you need during your construction jobs and more. Purchase or rent one today from Access Lift Equipment, or contact us for more information.