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Many work environments present their fair share of difficult-to-reach areas, which hamper production and put your workers at risk for injury.

From construction firms to warehouses to other industrial settings, you’ll find that plenty of businesses forgo unreliable ladders and scaffolding in favor of a well-built scissor lift. These used lifts offer superior accessibility, mobility and overall safety, which translates into workers completing tasks with more quickness and efficiency.

While new machines threaten to stretch your budget, what if we told you that you could receive strikingly similar quality at a more affordable rate? It might seem unlikely, but Access Lift Equipment has invested its entire being in making that concept a reality.

With knowledgeable teams of dedicated technicians, we can provide top-tier service for clients from coast to coast.








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Used Scissor Lifts for Sale From Top Manufacturers

We're a fully invested aerial lift reconditioner and dealer that works throughout the United States, as we operate out of Chambersburg, PA, Sa Diego, CA, and Statesville, NC. We serve as an entirely in-house outfit so you can benefit from streamlined services at a better rate, thus reducing stress and hassle.

We work to ensure that you have a full selection of used scissor lifts to choose from, as we meticulously source them from well-regarded brands and then restore them to peak functionality. Choose from lifts manufactured by prominent names like Genie, JLG and Skyjack.

You can find various production years, allowing you to choose from various features and styles without any downgrade in safety or reliability. Height-wise, rise to 20 or even 50 feet with our extensive collection, as your workers and materials will remain perfectly secure.

From Chambersburg, PA, to Statesville, NC, our staff will carefully analyze your needs and budget to find the optimal fit for your circumstances. We're completely transparent and open with you throughout the process, giving you access to the equipment's condition, warranty and other vital information.

Thorough Inspections for Every Used Personnel Lift

"Used" can scare people off, but you can rest assured that our used scissor lifts function like new. We're confident in that statement because of how thoroughly we inspect and repair the machines that we bring in.

No lift goes on the sales or rental listings without receiving a comprehensive inspection, which will diagnose any potential issues that might violate safety regulations or hinder performance. We will give you a scissor lift that meets the highest possible standards for quality, which will provide peace of mind as you operate in tight environments.

With our refurbishments in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California, we also conduct annual inspections for machines that remain out on the lots. Ultimately, our goal is to give you an apparatus that performs from the get-go and stays that way for a long time.

Fast and Affordable Shipping for Used Scissor Lifts

Some similar companies might try to charge you obscene amounts for processing and shipping fees, and the services aren't even timely.

Access Lift Equipment wishes to buck those typical trends, as we ship our used scissor lifts directly from our Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California facilities across the U.S. and around the world. Our locations provide convenient access to port cities and major trucking interstates, and we've also forged relationships with leading over-the-road trucking companies to manufacture the most affordable rates for you.

Seeing as how we handle all of our reconditioning and sales in-house, you can also sidestep the slowdowns caused by third parties, which others use to accomplish the same kind of work.

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From our original base of operations in Chambersburg, PA, to our recently opened location in Statesville, NC, you'll discover the same level of caring and dedication from our staff. If you'd like to find used scissor lifts for sale near your area, give us a call or contact us online for additional information and a no-obligation quote.

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