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26 ft Scissor Lifts for Sale

Working safely and efficiently at height requires the right aerial work platform. You want ample space, adequate lift capacity and the ability to reposition quickly. At Access Lift Equipment, our customers turn to us for all of their elevated work needs. Our 26 ft scissor lift for sale is a popular choice thanks to its impressive extended height and ease-of-use.

26ft scissor lift for sale

When you choose a scissor lift from Access Lift Equipment, you’re getting:

  • A large and stable work platform
  • Intuitive, ergonomic controls
  • Safety railing for harness attachment
  • Quiet, emissions-free operation
  • Smooth and even movement

Don’t waste time repositioning fixed work platforms that aren’t designed for quick and easy movement. This kind of lift can encourage workers to lean over the edge instead of simply driving into position for the best work position. Give your crews the solid and practical scissor lift with the impressive 26-foot height they need to complete their elevated work tasks.

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Quality and Performance

At Access Lift Equipment, we only carry top-quality lifts that are proven to give years of reliable service. Our low-maintenance models come with the safety and convenience features you want, including full railings, onboard chargers and intuitive controls. It only takes a moment to learn how to safely position our 26 ft scissor lift and raise it to your desired height.

Once you’re in position, you have a large work platform with an anti-slip surface for added safety. You can quickly maneuver into position even in tight spaces thanks to the narrow width and tight turning radius of our lifts. The 26-foot models we carry are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well as on flat floors and slab surfaces.

Contact the Access Lift Equipment team today for more information or to get a free quote. We’ll explain all of the features and help you determine which of our scissor lifts is most appropriate for your typical elevated work situations. We have years of experience as a leading source of aerial work platforms and lifts like our popular 26-foot scissor lift model, so purchase one for yourself and benefit from the ease and safety it provides.