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Skyjack SJIII 3226 for Sale

The Skyjack SJIII 3226 is a DC electric scissor lift designed to provide versatile performance in indoor and flat-slab outdoor applications. Suitable for use in industrial, construction and a variety of other industries, the SJIII 3226 models offer proven, reliable lift technology in a compact and durable package.

Skyjack SJIII 3226 scissor lifts extend up to 20 feet (6,100 mm) in 33 seconds with a rated load and can safely carry up to 899.5 pounds (408 kg). The 82.7-inch by 27.6-inch (2,100 mm by 700 mm) steel platform is available with a 3-foot rollout extension deck for increased access to challenging aerial work positions. Workers can drive these units at full height.

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