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JLG Manlifts for Sale

When you’re reaching around obstacles or trying to drop your load horizontally, it pays to have a manlift in your fleet. Additionally, when your workers need to be elevated safely, you need a reliable piece of heavy equipment that’s easy to move around. You’ll find it with a manlift from JLG. They’re a leader in the lift industry with machines that can reach far without sacrificing safety.

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All About the JLG Manlift

We know that JLG manlifts are durable and high-quality because we’ve specialized in refurbishing them for more than seven years. JLG began manufacturing aerial lifts in 1970, and today, their name is synonymous with quality.

In 2016, they unveiled the 1500 AJP manlift that had the farthest reach yet. Purchasing a product from JLG means investing in a long-term piece of equipment that can save you money over the long run by making you more productive and keeping your workers and equipment safe.

Full-Service Provider of Used Manlifts

Access Lift Equipment refurbishes used manlifts to give you great equipment at an even better price. We do a point-by-point check as part of our inspection. Unlike other businesses, we scrutinize every part of our equipment to make sure it meets our high standards.

As a result, you can use our equipment immediately after buying it. Our goal is to keep your workers and equipment safe while helping you expand your growing fleet to include manlifts and other aerial lifts.

Benefits of Buying Used

Buying a refurbished manlift is a valuable option if you find that you’re lifting things every day. It can save you money over purchasing a brand new machine or even consistently renting one, and it could also cost less than renting regularly.

Buying a manlift makes it available at your job site every day, and it can lead to greater productivity — which saves you money over the long run. You’ll move faster with more efficient equipment and won’t have to waste time figuring out how your materials and workers can make it up to those hard-to-reach spaces.

Ship Anywhere in the World

Our Chambersburg, PA,  San Diego, CA and Statesville NC locations give us access to both our customers all over the country. We assess, test and process all of our equipment and then ship it to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to our location near significant seaports, we can send equipment to our overseas clients as well. We’re also committed to keeping your costs low. We offer competitive shipping prices, and we’ll never charge more than what’s required to get your equipment to you.

See Our Current Inventory

If you’re considering buying a JLG manlift, browse our inventory. It’s regularly updated to reflect the items that have sold and the new products we have coming in. Discover just what a JLG manlift can do for your company today and contact us with any questions.