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JLG 1930ES Scissor Lifts for Sale

The 1930ES is an electric scissor lift from JLG. It offers a combination of clean and quiet operation — perfect for indoor use or in other sensitive environments — and exceptional reliability. A large platform provides space for two employees to work safely at height, making the 1930ES ideal for maintenance, repairs and construction work, among other light- and medium-duty applications.

The JLG 1930ES is just one of several used scissor lift options available for sale from Access Lift Equipment. Let us assess your needs and recommend the right addition to your fleet.

JLG 1930ES Applications

The JLG 1930ES is a highly versatile lift with a variety of potential applications. Its four 6V, 220 amp-hour electric batteries have been demonstrated under lab testing to deliver up to 200% more battery life than those in similar electric scissor lifts. The 1930ES features fully integrated components with a minimal amount of hydraulic hoses and fittings. This translates to less downtime due to maintenance and lower operating costs. For these reasons, it is an excellent choice for any fleet in which productivity and performance are essential.

The JLG 1930ES also boasts a smaller profile that’s easy to transport and suitable for narrow aisle facilities. The unit has a top drive speed of 3 mph (4.83 km/h). The platform itself can be raised and lowered in under 30 seconds. For these reasons, the JLG 1930ES is a popular choice for use in warehouses, shipping centers and other industrial facilities.

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Specifications at a Glance

The JLG 1930ES features:

  • 18’ 9” (5.72 m) platform height
  • 24’ 9” (7.54 m) working height
  • 250 lbs. (113.40 kg) extended platform capacity, 500 lbs. (226.80 kg) unrestricted capacity
  • A 24V electric drive system
  • A 5’ 9” (1.75 m) outside turning radius

Optional features available on select 1930ES scissor lifts include the JLG exclusive QuikWelder® system for plant maintenance, HVAC, and other applications, as well as a removable WorkStation in the Sky® for organizing your tools and materials.

JLG 1930ES

Your Knowledgeable JLG Dealer

Access Lift Equipment carries an extensive inventory of used JLG scissor lifts that frequently includes the 1930ES. We offer sales and service for customers throughout the country and beyond as well as rentals, financing and more. Call or email our office to discover how we can help you.