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JLG G5-18A

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JLG G5-18A

  • $83,850.28
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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:4wd
Fuel Type:Diesel
Platform Height:18'
Working Height:24'
Tires:Foam Filled

The JLG G5-18A is a great choice for anyone that needs to maneuver loads through crowded spaces. A compact frame of only 6 feet in width gives it the ability to slip through smaller spaces without incident. Additionally, the tight turn radius and responsive controls give it a level of maneuverability that is rarely matched by other telehandlers. So, if these sound right for you, the JLG G5-18A is a great choice.

Spec Sheet



The JLG G5-18A is well-equipped for use in cluttered or obstructed areas. Whether it be a busy construction site of a well-stocked warehouse, this machine will transport whatever you need with little hassle. Being only 6 feet in width, there consequently aren’t many cases where you wouldn’t be able to get this machine where it needs to go. Additionally, the tight turn radius and easy to use controls make getting it to those places simple and low-risk.

This lift also keeps operator comfort in mind. The cab is spacious, the controls are intuitive, and it has a built-in armrest for use while driving. Consequently, operators won’t experience fatigue as they might expect from a lift that doesn’t take such things into account.

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JLG G5-18A Specifications at a Glance

The JLG G5-18A offers:

  • 5,500 lb. maximum lift capacity
  • 18 ft. 4 in. maximum lift height
  • Tight turn radius
  • Responsive controls
  • Intuitive single joystick and integrated armrest


Breakout Force 8900 lb / 4036.97 kg
Drawbar Pull 8700 lb / 3946.25 kg
Lift Capacity at Full Height 4400 lb / 1995.81 kg
Lift Capacity at Max Reach 1850 lb / 839.15 kg
Load Center 2 ft / 0.61 m
Maximum Lift Capacity 5500 lb / 2494.76 kg
Maximum Lift Height 18 ft 4 in. / 5.59 m
Maximum Reach 10 ft 11 in. / 3.33 m
Speed – Maximum Lift 4.6 sec.
Outside Turning Radius 10 ft 7 in. / 3.23 m
Speed – Maximum Crowd 2 sec.
Speed – Maximum Dump 2.5 sec.
Outriggers or Stabilizers No
Speed – Maximum Lower 4.6 sec.
Speed – Maximum Telescope In 3.8 sec.
Towing Capacity 6600 lb / 2993.71 kg
Speed – Maximum Travel 15 mph / 24.14 km/h
Speed – Maximum Telescope Out 6.7 sec.


Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 11 in. / 0.27 m
Machine Height 6 ft 4 in. / 1.92 m
Machine Length 10 ft 9 in. / 3.28 m
Machine Length (Forks) 12 ft 6 in. / 3.82 m
Machine Width 6 ft / 1.82 m
Tire Size 12×16.5 Pneu
Wheelbase 7 ft 6 in. / 2.29 m


Power Source
Capacity – Coolant 3.5 gal. / 13.25 L
Capacity – Engine Oil 9.1 gal. / 34.45 L
Capacity – Fuel Tank 24 gal. / 90.85 L
Engine Horsepower 74 hp / 55.20 kW
Engine Manufacturer Deutz
Engine Model TD 2.9L L4 T4F
Maximum Engine RPM 1800 rpm


Axle-Front High Bias, Limited Slip
Axle-Rear Planetary
Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 16 gal. / 60.57 L
Function Pump Type Gear
Hydraulic System Flow 19.1 gal/min. / 72.29 L/Min
Hydraulic System Pressure 3500 psi / 245.11 Kg/cm2
Operating Vehicle Weight 11000 lb / 4989.52 kg
Service Brake Type Wet Multi-Disc
Transmission – Nr Forward Gears Standard 1
Transmission – Nr Reverse Gears 1
Transmission Type Hydrostatic


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