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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:4wd
Fuel Type:Electric
Platform Height:50'
Working Height:56'
Tires:Foam Filled

The JLG ET500J is a towable boom lift equipped with all the tools to get work done fast and do it well. With a maximum platform height of 50 feet and a platform big enough to transport two workers and their equipment, this machine has no trouble doing whatever you might need. Additionally, it can be easily transported between locations by simply towing it from one place to another. Setting it up also comes with ease due to high quality auto-leveling triggers.

Spec Sheet



The JLG ET500J can go wherever you need it and do whatever you need. Its incredible 50 ft. platform height allows it to get workers whatever heights they could conceivably need. Additionally, it is easily towable from one location to another, so there’s no hassle in getting it where it needs to go. The hydraulic, auto-leveling outriggers improve this even further, as they make setting up at a new location easy as can be. LED lights and USB ports also help this machine to be a modern solution to modern problems. Consequently, there is little need to consider if the ET500J is the right tool for the job. Its massive lift height provides in any conceivable circumstance.

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JLG T500J Specifications at a Glance

The JLG T500J offers:

  • 50 ft. 1 in. maximum platform height
  • 31 ft. 6 in. horizontal outreach
  • Hydraulic, auto-leveling outriggers
  • Detachable platform controls
  • LED tail lights


Power Source
Batteries 4 x 6V 220 A-h


Machine Weight 5200 lb / 2358.68 kg
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 31 psi / 2.17 Kg/cm2


Jib – Range of Articulation 130 Degrees
Leveling Capability 11 Degrees
Outriggers or Stabilizers Yes
Platform Capacity 500 lb / 226.80 kg
Swing 410 Degrees
Swing Type Non-Continuous
Towing Speed Rating 65 mph / 104.61 km/h


Dimensional Data
Machine Height 6 ft 7 in. / 2 m
Machine Length 27 ft 4 in. / 8.32 m
Machine Width 5 ft 8 in. / 1.71 m
Outrigger Footprint Length 12 ft 4 in. / 3.76 m
Outrigger Footprint Width 12 ft 8 in. / 3.86 m
Platform Dimension A 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m
Platform Dimension B 4 ft / 1.22 m
Tire Size 225/75 R15 Pneumatic


Reach Specifications
Horizontal Outreach 31 ft 6 in. / 9.6 m
Platform Height 50 ft 1 in. / 15.25 m


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