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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:2wd
Fuel Type:Electric
Platform Height:18'
Working Height:24'

The JLG E18MML is a vertical mast lift designed for use indoors. It is lightweight and compact while still sporting a respectable 18 ft platform height. Consequently, it is easy to transport from place to place for any job and can easily git through doorways and other small openings. It also focuses on operator comfort with an ergonomic joystick and point-and-go caster steering. This machine is a perfect fit for work in tight spaces.

Spec Sheet



The JLG E18MML is perfect for indoor work. Its compact frame allows it to pass through openings and maneuver around obstacles with ease. Consequently, it is the perfect machine for work in small spaces. It assists in cleaning, making small repairs, electrical work and also anything else that might prove difficult for a much bulkier machine.

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JLG E18MML Specifications at a Glance

The JLG E18MML offers:

  • 18 ft. platform height
  • 2 ft. 6 in. machine width
  • Ergonomic Joystick
  • Point-and-go caster steering


Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 3 in. / 0.06 m
Ground Entry Height 1 ft 7 in. / 0.47 m
Machine Height 6 ft 6 in. / 1.98 m
Machine Length 2 ft 2 in. / 0.66 m
Machine Width 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m
Occupant Capacity 1
Tire Size 8-in / 10 x 3-in Non Marking
Wheel Size – Front Caster 8-in
Wheel Size – Rear 10 x 3-in


Reach Specifications
Platform Height 18 ft / 5.49 m
Working Height 24 ft / 7.32 m


Drive Speed – Platform Elevated 0.5 mph / 0.80 km/h
Drive Speed – Platform Lowered 2.5 mph / 4.02 km/h
Drive System 4 Brush Direct Electric Drive (Planetary Gear)
Gradeability 30 %
Maximum Drive Height 18 ft / 5.49 m
Platform Capacity 400 lb / 181.44 kg


Machine Weight 1950 lb / 884.51 kg
Machine Weight (ANSI Export and CSA) 1950 lb / 884.51 kg


Power Source
Batteries 220AH 6V FLA (4)


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