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Genie Z-45 XC

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Genie Z-45 XC

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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:4wd
Fuel Type:Diesel
Platform Height:45'
Working Height:51'
Tires:Foam Filled

The Genie Z-45 XC is an extra capacity boom lift, built off the Z-45/25 model. It has an upgraded lift capacity of 660 lb. Additionally, it barely sacrifices any of the base model’s impressive lift height, sporting a working height of 51 ft 6 in. Consequently, this machine is an incredible choice for moving heavy loads to high places. Its articulating jib also lets it place these loads with great precision that other models rarely match.

Spec Sheet



The Genie Z-45 XC is ideal for transporting heavy loads to high places. It sports load sense technology, which makes the process of loading and unloading it extremely simple. Additionally, its rough terrain capabilities mean that it can reach these heights on most surfaces without issue. Consequently, there are few areas that this machine is unable to reach. Use it for any situation that requires heavy loads being moved to high places, regardless of the terrain.

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Genie Z-45 XC Specifications

The Genie Z-45 XC offers:

  • 51 ft. 6 in. maximum working height
  • 24 ft. 9 in. horizontal outreach
  • 660 lb. unrestricted lift capacity
  • Rough terrain capabilities
  • Load sense technology



Power Source
Power Type Deisel
Capacity – Fuel Tank 17 gal / 64 L
Capacity – Hydraulic Tank 22 gal / 83 L
Auxiliary Power Unit 12 V DC


Drive Speed – Stowed 4.5 mph / 7.24 km/h
Drive Speed – Raised 0.61 mph / 0.98 km/h
Gradeability – Stowed 45 %
Platform Capacity – Restricted 660 lb / 300 kg
Platform Capacity – Unrestricted 1000 lb / 454 kg
Maximum Turning Radius – Outside 14 ft 9 in / 4.50 m
Maximum Turning Radius – Inside 5 ft 6 in / 1.68 m


Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 14.8 in / 0.37 m
Machine Height 7 ft 4 in / 2.25 m
Machine Length 21 ft 10 in / 6.65 m
Machine Width 7 ft 6 in / 2.29 m
Platform Dimension A 2 ft 6 in / 0.76 m
Platform Dimension B 6 ft / 1.83 m
Tailswing 0 in / 0 cm
Tire Size 315/55 D20


Reach Specifications
Vertical Jib Rotation 133 Degrees
Horizontal Outreach 24 ft 9 in / 7.55 m
Platform Height 45 ft 6 in / 13.86 m


Tire Contact Pressure 80 psi / 552 kPa
Machine Weight 16,360 lb / 7,421 kg


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