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Genie GS-3246

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Genie GS-3246

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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:2wd
Fuel Type:Electric
Platform Height:32'
Working Height:38'

The self-propelled Genie GS-3246 is a slab scissor lift designed to provide an elevated work platform that’s sturdy and level for maximum safety. These versatile lift trucks perform in both indoor and outdoor environments ranging from construction sites and warehouses to manufacturing and industrial facilities.

The Genie GS-3246 offers a 701-pound (318 kg) maximum platform weight capacity and reaches up to 32 feet (9,750 mm). The 45.3-by-89-inch platform with 39-inch rollout extension provides ample room for workers in addition to a full complement of supplies.

Applications of the Genie GS-3246

Use the GS-3246 for both indoor and outdoor operation. It is an excellent choice for applications such as construction, maintenance and installation. It also works great for material handling in warehouses and shipping centers. Its most notable feature is its 7′ (2.13 m) outside turning radius — ideal for use in construction sites and other environments where the ability to work around obstacles is critical to productivity.

The GS-3246 is cable of lifting loads up to 500 lbs. Its platform measures 89” x 32” (2.26 x .81 m) and includes an optional 36” (.91 m) extension deck for additional working space. With or without the extension, the GS-3246 works for tasks such as hanging drywall, repairing equipment and other jobs where safety at height is required.

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Genie GS-3246 Specifications at a Glance

The GS-3246 offers:

  • Maximum 32’ (9.92 m) working height
  • Up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) lift capacity
  • A 89” x 32” (2.26 x .81 m) steel platform with a 36” (.91 m) extension deck
  • Folding rails with a half-height swing gate
  • A dual front wheel drive system
  • The SmartLink™ proportional lift and drive system

Safety features of the GS-3246 include standard pothole guards, a tilt level sensor, a decent alarm and an electronic horn. Available options include an air line to the platform, motion alarm, AGM maintenance-free batteries and a 120 V/60 Hz power inverter.


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