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ANSI Required Pre-Use Inspections

The ANSI Requirement:

Did you know that ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) requires that an aerial lift be inspected prior to each use? Not only is this pre-use inspection a mandatory requirement, but ANSI also requires that operators of aerial lifts keep records of each of these pre-use, or pre-shift checklists. We often see that most companies, especially those companies or independent operators that rent lifts, do not know about this mandatory requirement and it can cause problems if they are ever inspected by ANSI (often in the aftermath of a lift-related accident).

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What is on a Pre-Use Inspection?

So what kind of items should be on a pre-use inspection checklist? Can we make our own checklist or should we get one from ANSI? It is our belief that the best pre-use checklist will be one created by you and your team. There are a few basic items that need to be the checklist to meet ANSI Standards. As long as those items are on the checklist, then it can also include any other items you think need to be checked prior to use of the lift. This lets you highlight any items that are specific to your business. It will also show you which parts that wear out quickly on your specific lifts. We strongly encourage everyone to start with a basic checklist and add more as their needs arise. To make this step easy for you we have included our version of a rudimentary Pre-Use Checklist. Download it for free here!


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How long should you keep your Pre-Use Checklists?

ANSI Requires that you keep a week’s worth of checklist on file. We believe It is best practice to keep at least a months worth of these records. This will help you keep your finger on the “pulse” of your equipment. Keeping a full month’s worth of records lets you see and monitor trends. Without this a company may not catch issues until it’s too late.  Down-time is the enemy of productivity. Dealing with unexpected issues from the equipment you need on a daily basis is frustrating and expensive.

Not only will a Pre-use checklist keep companies within the operating standards of ANSI, but it will also help them stay in-front of maintenance and problematic trends that may be otherwise hidden to managers that are removed from the day to day operation of these lifts. With proper records and documentation companies will also be able to find out how quickly parts are being replaced and on which lifts they are being replaced more frequently. These checklist also allow managers to catch trends in personnel. This allows you to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on equipment. Try our basic Pre-Use Inspection checklist, follow ANSI standards, and have a better overview of your equipment today.

Download the Pre-Use Checklist Now!

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