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60 Ft Boom Lifts for Sale

When you’re working at 40, 50 or 60 feet, you need a sturdy and dependable lift to allow for safe and efficient completion of your tasks. A small or low-capacity lift limits how many people and how much equipment you can take with you and means you’ll spend more time raising and lowering your platform.


To save time and energy, here at Access Lift Equipment we have a 60 ft boom lift for sale that can cover all of your extended height work platform needs.

While other types of aerial work platforms can be suitable in certain conditions, none combine the height, reach and flexibility of our 60 ft boom lifts. They can be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of situations, including:

  • Direct overhead work at full extension
  • Positioning over holes, trenches and difficult terrain
  • Between racks, equipment, buildings or other obstacles
  • Moving quickly from one position to another

Check Out Our 60ft Boom Lifts!

A 60 ft boom lift from Access Lift Equipment allows for fast repositioning when required while still providing a large, stable platform for your workers and their equipment. From regular maintenance tasks to unique construction site issues, our 60 ft boom lifts have you covered. Their 4WD traction makes them useful even in less-than-smooth terrain.

Easy to Master

When you purchase a 60 ft boom lift from our team here at Access Lift Equipment, we take the time to explain the features and controls, including important safety functions. We have years of experience as a leader in aerial work platforms, including boom lifts. Our 60-foot boom lift is sure to meet all of your needs and give you the stable, spacious work platform you need to accomplish all of your elevated tasks.

Come and find out why more and more customers are turning to Access Lift Equipment for all of their elevated work platforms and long-reach boom lifts. Contact us today for more info and your free quotation. We know there’s a 60-foot boom lift perfectly suited to your work needs, so discover more today!