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40 Ft Boom Lifts for Sale

If you’re looking for a boom lift that’s both a great performer and an impressive value, consider a 40-ft boom lift model for sale here at Access Lift Equipment.

With 40 feet of reach, a large work platform and impressive load capacity, one of our 40 ft boom lifts is the perfect addition to your fleet. Few aerial work platforms combine the flexibility, performance and ease-of-use of a quality boom lift. You’ll save time, energy and ultimately money working more efficiently with a 40 ft boom lift from Access Lift Equipment.

With years of experience and a great knowledge of new and used boom lifts, our team can help you choose the lift that best suits your elevated work needs. Our 40 ft boom lift combines many great features that make it an obvious choice for many situations, including:

  • Indoors and outdoors locations
  • Smooth or uneven terrain, thanks to 4WD capability
  • Reaching over obstacles, trenches and equipment
  • Fully extended for height or reach
  • General building maintenance and inspection
  • Construction and building sites

Check Out Our 40 ft Boom Lifts!

Each model comes with intuitive controls, quiet and emissions-free operation, sturdy safety railings and non-slip platforms. All of these features combine to make our 40 ft boom lifts extremely practical and easy to use. Your crews can focus more of their effort on the tasks at hand and spend less time maneuvering into position.

40ft boom lift for sale

Expert Guidance and Service

When you choose Access Lift Equipment for your boom lift, you get our helpful experience in choosing the right model and our class-leading customer service and after-sales support. All of our inventory is available at our Chambersburg, PA, San Diego CA, and Statesville NC facilities and is ready to be put to work. Give us a call or request more information online, including a free quote.

Work more efficiently and more safely with a 40-foot boom lift that has the capabilities you need for all of your elevated work. You can quickly position your boom lift, raise it to the desired position, complete your work and reposition it for the next step. We’re sure there’s a lift that suits your needs, so let us know what you’re looking for today.