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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:4wd
Fuel Type:Diesel
Platform Height:34'
Working Height:40'
Tires:Foam Filled

The JLG H340AJ is a hybrid boom lift that runs with great efficiency on either diesel or electric power. A 33 ft 10 in platform height allows this machine to reach great heights with ease. Additionally, it keeps emissions low, so fuel use is kept to a minimum and work is kept relatively quiet. Consequently, this machine is easy to use and able to work for long periods of time without break.

Spec Sheet



The JLG H340AJ is built for long, continuous work either inside or outside. Its sizeable reach can take workers to great heights to perform whatever task they may need. It is well equipped for work in warehouses or on outside equipment. Regardless, it is among the best for transporting supplies and workers wherever they need to go. Additionally, its hybrid fuel and efficient running allow it to work for long periods of time without need to refuel.

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JLG H340AJ Specifications at a Glance

The JLG H340AJ offers:

  • 33 ft. 10 in. maximum platform height
  • 6 ft. 4 in. machine width
  • Hybrid fuel sources
  • Low emissions


Power Source
Batteries 8 x 12V, 100 Amp-Hour
Electrical System 48 Volts DC
Generator / Engine – Brand Kubota
Generator / Engine – Fuel Tank Capacity 13 gal. / 49.21 L
Generator / Engine – Fuel Type Diesel
Generator / Engine – Horsepower / Kilowatts 11.1 hp / 8.28 kW


Drive Speed – Platform Lowered 3.7 mph / 5.95 km/h
Gradeability – 4WD 45 %
Platform Capacity 500 lb / 226.80 kg
Swing 355 Degrees
Swing Type Non-Continuous
Turning Radius – Outside 13 ft / 3.96 m
Jib – Range of Articulation 139 Degrees


Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 10 in. / 0.26 m
Machine Height 6 ft 7 in. / 2.01 m
Machine Length 18 ft 2 in. / 5.54 m
Machine Width 6 ft 4 in. / 1.93 m
Platform Dimension A 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m
Platform Dimension B 5 ft / 1.52 m
Tailswing 2 in. / 0.05 m
Tire Size 265/50 D20 Foam Filled
Wheelbase 6 ft 2 in. / 1.88 m


Reach Specifications
Horizontal Jib Rotation 0 Degrees
Horizontal Outreach 19 ft 11 in. / 6.07 m
Platform Height 33 ft 10 in. / 10.31 m
Up and Over Height 17 ft / 5.18 m


Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 20.6 gal. / 77.98 L
Machine Weight 9860 lb / 4472.42 kg
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 64 psi / 4.48 Kg/cm2


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