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2023 Toyota 50-8FGU25

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2023 Toyota 50-8FGU25

  • $39,900.00
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Product Information

Serial #:
Product Drive:2wd
Fuel Type:LPG

The Toyota 50-8FGU25 is a non-marking pneumatic forklift that has no trouble moving heavy loads form place to place. It sports an impressive lift capacity of 5000 lb. Consequently, this machine is a great choice to do its job efficiently. It also has the ability to raise its mast to a height of 185 in, giving it a surprisingly large range of effect.



The Toyota 50-8FGU25 is an amazing choice for jobs that require transportation of heavy loads in all sorts of environments. Its relatively small frame enables it for use in warehouses, where it can make used of its surprisingly solid reach to get loads to higher places. Consequently, this machine has use in places that many other lifts wouldn’t be able to reach.

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Toyota 50-8FGU25 Specifications At A Glance

The Toyota 50-8FGU25 offers:

  • 5000 lb. lift capacity
  • 3 stage mast
  • Full free lift
  • 189 in. maximum mast height


Capacity 5000 lb.
Weight 8800 lb.
Fuel LPG
Mast Height (Lowered) 84 in.
Mast Height (Raised) 189 in.
Type Non- Marking Pneumatic


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