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Genie® Z™-34/22N for Sale

The articulating boom lift design of the Genie Z-34 22N allows for precision positioning of an aerial work platform with an exceptional range of motion. These clean-running, gas-powered lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a broad variety of industrial, construction and other applications working at height.

Genie Z-34 22N boom lifts offer a maximum platform extension up to 34’ 5” and an impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds. The sturdy 4’ 8” steel deck features self-leveling technology available with a platform swing gate and half-mesh inserts for increased safety.

Genie Z-34 22N Boom Lift Applications

The Genie Z-34 22N boom lift provides the flexibility to take on a variety of applications with a single piece of equipment. From light material handling and utility repairs to welding, painting or installations in hard-to-reach, elevated areas, these boom lifts are designed to maximize productivity. Units offer 30 percent gradeability and a 15’ 2” up-and-over clearance for the ability to go where other boom lifts can’t travel and access challenging positions.

Genie Z-34 22N lifts for sale feature easy-to-master, fully proportional controls and low long-term maintenance costs. A tilt alarm, dual flashing beacons and available fire-resistant hydraulic oil help promote a safer and more organized work environment.

Potential uses of the Genie Z-34 22N range from repairing power lines and window washing to utility maintenance and general construction applications. Speak with an Access Lift Equipment representative for assistance identifying the lift trucks and aerial work platforms suited to your requirements.

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Primary Boom Lift Specifications

Genie Z-34 22N boom lifts feature:

  • 41’ 1” (12,520 mm) maximum working height
  • 500 lb (227 kg) weight capacity
  • 55’ 9” x 29’ 9” (1,420 mm x 760 mm) platform
  • 180-degree powered horizontal rotation
  • 13’ 4” (4,080 mm) indoor/outdoor turning radius
  • Sep-Ex drive system

Options and accessories include an airline to the platform, front drive lights, platform working lights and more.

Genie Z34/22N

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