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Genie® S™-40 Boom Lifts

The Genie S-40 is a telescoping boom lift that offers extended horizontal outreach in demanding environments. One of Genie’s most versatile products, the S-40 features full 360˚ rotation for fast and accurate positioning and can rise to heights up to 46 ft. (14.20 m). Its ample platform has 500 lbs. of lift capacity and room for two employees to work comfortably.

An extensive selection of options adds to the flexibility of the S-40. The unit is available in 2WD and 4WD configurations, with a diesel or gas engine or with any of several tire choices for use in rough terrain.


Use the S-40 in any situation requiring a combination of vertical and horizontal outreach. It is especially well-suited for construction and industrial applications, including maintenance to windows and HVAC systems, drywall hanging and more. Dual fuel engine options allow for use both indoors and out.

In addition to being maneuverable, JLG has engineered the S-40 for maximum productivity. Notable features include a self-leveling platform with 160° hydraulic rotation capability, 4.8 mph/7.7 km/h drive speed with the option of moving the unit while extended, proportional joystick controls and more. To ensure safe operation, tilt and descent alarms are standard.

The S-40 comes with an 8′ steel platform. Also available is a more compact 6′ platform for greater maneuverability and a tri-entry 8′ platform. Tires include standard and rough terrain options as well as high flotation air-filled and other choices. A track-based system is also available.

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Specifications at a Glance

In its standard configuration, the S-40 telescoping boom lift offers:

  • 46’ (14.20 m) working heights
  • 31’8” (9.65 m) of horizontal reach
  • 500 lbs. (227 kg) lift capacity
  • And 8’ or 6’ platform
  • A 48-horsepower diesel or 60 horsepower gas/LPG engine with fuel select switch
  • A 4WD, active oscillation axle or a 2WD manual non-oscillating axle drivetrain
  • 12 V DC auxiliary power

For a detailed spec sheet or more information about available features, contact Access Lift Equipment directly.

Genie S-40

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