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Genie Manlifts for Sale

Manlifts play an essential role at your job site. They can move 360 degrees and give you a lateral motion, so you end up right where you’re supposed to be. Manlifts from Genie are even safer with the hydraulic arm because you get even more precise movements for greater reliability. Whether you work in construction, painting, cleaning or more, Genie manlifts can help you get the job done.

All About the Genie Manlift

Genie single manlifts can save you time and money. Fixed platforms such as ladders or scaffolding take longer for your workers to move around, plus they don’t have a large platform for workers and equipment like a manlift does.

With Genie, you can choose an engine-powered or electric and hybrid manlift. The hybrid option is specifically environmentally-friendly and energy efficient. This not only helps you protect the environment, but it will increase your productivity and your bottom line.

Full-Service Provider of Used Manlifts

Access Lift Equipment is a full-service provider of used manlifts. All of our machines go through a rigorous inspection and service process so that they’re ready to go to work for you the next day. Our prices are competitive, too, which saves you money over buying a brand new manlift.

We have a professional and highly trained staff of technicians that can refurbish equipment quickly and efficiently while also performing preventative maintenance. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your aerial lift needs, including manlifts.

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Benefits of Buying Used

There are many benefits to purchasing used equipment over brand new or deciding to rent. Buying used equipment is cost-effective. You get the equipment you need that’s refurbished like new for a lower price. You also don’t have to break your budget renting equipment week after week.

If you find that you always need a manlift on the job site, buying used is a great alternative and can save you money. It can also lead to greater productivity. Your manlift can help you move your items easily to those hard-to-reach places you couldn’t drop them otherwise.

Ship Anywhere in the World

We have three locations — Chambersburg, PASan Diego, CA, and Statesville, NC to serve our customers all over. Our facility in Chambersburg allows us to carry a vast inventory of manlifts, but we’re able to ship them all over the world thanks to our access to numerous seaports on the East and West Coast.

We offer competitive rates as well, which means you won’t have to pay more than is necessary to ship your manlift. You can trust Access Lift Equipment to get your refurbished manlift to you quickly and in the best condition possible.

See Our Current Inventory

We have a large inventory of Genie manlifts available to meet all of your needs. Browse our current inventory today to see which manlift will help make you more efficient in your industry. Contact us if you have any questions about our genie manlifts for sale.