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60-Foot Boom Lift Rental

60 Foot Boom Lifts

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When you run into an obstacle or a difficult spot, you need a machine that will keep your workers safe while allowing you to finish the job. A 60-foot boom lift is perfect to complete those tasks you weren’t sure how to reach otherwise. You’ll get the height, reach and flexibility you need with a platform that can safely hold your workers and material. At Access Lift Equipment, we know that you might not need a 60-foot boom lift every day. That’s why we offer rentals, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

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60-Foot Boom Lift Advantages

A boom lift can move up, out and over any obstacles that are in your way. Combine that with 60 feet in height, and you can get anywhere you need to. It has a narrow chassis and durable tread for rugged outdoor work areas and even indoor spaces with delicate floors.

The 60-foot arm easily extends to make the job more comfortable on your driver. Plus, the economic fueling system will save you money while you’re using it.

Where and How to Use It

The fact that a 60-foot boom lift can go inside or outside makes it perfect for construction and maintenance work. However, they’re helpful in any situations where you need to elevate workers or equipment. If you’re working on a building, use a boom lift to help workers get to higher floors. Individuals in the tree trimming or picking industries can also benefit. You’ll no longer have to worry about tall trees or storing fruit in large storage facilities. A 60-foot boom lift or another boom lift rental from Access Lift Equipment can make a world of difference.

Genie S-60

Full-Service Provider of Boom Lift Rentals

We don’t just provide 60-foot boom lift rentals. We want to give you great equipment for the price you need, which is why we carry a whole inventory of rental boom lifts at our Chambersburg, PA location. We’ll make sure each piece of rental equipment meets our high standards.

At Access Lift Equipment, you’ll find quality customer service and support for any questions or maintenance issues relating to your rental. Plus, we ensure fast delivery to your job site.

Benefits of Renting

A 60-foot boom lift rental is an excellent way to keep your costs low while still getting the equipment you need. We offer flexible short and long-term rates for your rentals depending on how long you need your boom lift.

You can also swap out the equipment you rent from us based on what the project demands. Renting is a great way to try out a boom lift before purchasing one as well. If you’re not sure what features or height you need, try renting one from Access Lift Equipment before buying a machine that might not meet your needs.

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